Late 70's, California.

A team of men are hired to conduct a terror attack using their most dangerous weapon : a camera.

Using the traditional visual effects techniques, Martin and his strange group of geeks are on a mission to craft the perfect fake news report, offering an alternative version of a dramatic event. An event that never happened.


We forge our deepest opinions based on what we hear, what we read,

what we see. For most people, an image printed on the sensor of the camera has become the most irrefutable proof of authenticity. What happens when someone chooses to rearrange those beams of light, of sound, to change the meaning of an historical event ?

This is a film about control and power over appearances, over reality, and how this power can become dangerously exciting and addictive. The film's format is an echo of the characters themselves, both misleading its audience via visual manipulation.

Yesterday, the pioneers of visual effects could have been using their skills for a much darker kind of business than entertainment : the one of creating perfectly invisible fake news footage, thus manipulating the feelings of mass audience.

What about today ?