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Late 70's, California.

Martin and his team are hired to conduct a terror attack using their most dangerous weapon : a camera.

Using the traditional visual effects techniques, the strange group of geeks are on a mission to craft the perfect fake news report, offering an alternative version of a dramatic event. An event that never happened.

Writer / Director  Romain THIRION 

                 Cast  William HEARLE

                 Nina YNDIS

                      Eddie ARNOLD

                            Caolan MCCARTHY 

                Emal SAIFI 

            Cinematography  Alexandre PROD'HOMME

             Editor  Romain THIRION

  Costume Designer  Theodora CHYTOUDI

 Hair and Makeup  Nancy ENRIQUEZ  

        Music Composer  Fabio DE MADDALENA

 Production Coordinator  Larisa COVACIU              

    Sound by  FACTORY UK

   Sound Mixer  Frankie BEIRNE

 Sound Producer  Lou ALLEN          


   VFX Producer  Xavier QUESTEL

   3D Animator  Yohan THIREAU

Overall FX Artists  George SAVVAS    

                   Alexis PROST

                              VFX by  Electric Theatre Collective

             Asset Artists  Adrian LUN SUN LUK

                     Will PRESTON

                     Adam LEDGER

  Compositing Artist  Daniel BREWSTER     

         Additional VFX and post  PASSION ANIMATION STUDIO

  Behind the scenes  Tom MORTELETTE   

  Year of Production  2020